Best Team

We’ve Built The Best Team In The Deck Industry Because We Treat Everyone The Right Way

In An Industry With Way Too Much Turnover, Our Team Shines And Delivers The Best Results

To build the highest-quality decks, you need a best team. But the truth is, building a great team is not something most companies focus on.

Instead, there’s too much just-get-through-today thinking. That’s why there’s so much turnover in the industry.

There is a different, better way.

Hire The Best + Pay The Best = The Best Team In The Deck Industry

We wouldn’t call developing a great team easy, but it’s also not rocket science. We focus on three key things at Custom Decks:

  • First, we’re selective about who we hire. We look for experience, good attitude, and above all attention to detail.
  • Second, we overpay our people. And we’re happy to do it. Happy people do better work and stay longer. The truth is it’s rare for any of our core people to leave and that leads to a better-quality experience for our customers.
  • Third, we build team culture with company get-togethers, travel weekends, and fun events. All of this is unusual for a deck company, but it’s why you’ll notice a big attitude difference.

“I Want To Work For You”

Our reputation as a great place to work is known in the community. Some have even spotted our owner at deck supply stores and told him, “I want to work for you!”

This kind of reputation allows us to be hyper-selective and only hire the most talented people.

In The End, What Matters Is YOUR Experience

While we’re very proud of the team we’ve built and we enjoy our camaraderie, what really matters is that YOU get a better experience:

  • No surly attitudes, blasting radios, harsh profanity, or trash left at the work site.
  • Pleasant office team members if you have a question or concern.
  • 100% professional designers and project managers with tons of experience.

In short, get ready for the best home improvement experience you’ll ever have delivered by a friendly, professional team.

Ready To Take The Next Step? It’s Easy And Risk-Free.

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