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With Our Painless Process, Nothing Is Left To Chance

A Beautiful Deck Never Happens By Accident: It’s All About Purposeful Planning

Why are there so many nightmare stories out there about dealing with contractors?

You’ve probably heard a story or two yourself, or maybe even experienced one. It is SO unpleasant when a project drags on forever, workmanship is shoddy, and you can’t get any communication.

So… why does this happen so often?

The truth is most contractors “fly by the seat of their pants.” Instead of a well-planned, step-by-step process, the “plan” is always just whatever is in front of them that they have to get done that day.

Custom Decks is purposely different. We have a meticulous process that has been honed over decades in business. From start to finish, we have a plan that works to deliver beautiful results every time.

Our Process

After your initial free consultation, if you give us the go ahead, we’ll create a beautiful professional design for you. This will include renderings of your project so you can get a true vision of what your project will look like on your specific home.

It’s not unusual for homeowners to gasp when they see the quality of these renderings!

Once you’ve approved plans and given us the green light to move forward, we take care of all the necessary steps of ordering product, dealing with HOAs and permits, and anything else necessary. You will not be asked to manage any part of the project. (And we also do not charge any extra fees for dealing with HOAs, which some companies do.)

Quotes That Are Iron-Clad And To-The-Penny Accurate

Once we know all your product choices, we can nail down an exact quote for you. This quote won’t change. If we make a mistake and underestimate the cost of materials, that’s on us. We consider this final quote a promise to you and we won’t break it. 

(The only time a price would change is if you want to voluntarily make a change requested by you.)

A Team Approach

Many deck contractors struggle to deliver a good service experience because they have such a small team that the owner has to wear too many hats. It’s hard to be good at everything and to have the time to do it all.

That’s why Custom Decks has built a strong team where everyone has a specific role that they are a true expert in. Designers do what they’re good at – designing. Project managers stick to their expertise – keeping projects on track. Installers focus on their craftsmanship. No one is overwhelmed and trying to do tasks they aren’t trained for.

Homeowners tell us they love this. Not only does it lead to better results, it also makes the whole experience much more pleasant.

Wouldn’t It Be Nice To Deal With A Company That Handles Everything For You?

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