Deck Stairs

Beautiful Deck Stairs Built To A Higher Standard

We Construct Stairs To Maximize Stability & Safety

Deck stairs aren’t just a practical addition to elevated decks; they’re also an opportunity to add a beautiful touch to your dream deck.

With our 25+ years in business, and with professional designers on staff, we create deck staircases that are stunningly attractive – with finishing touches that make our stairs stand out amongst the rest!

If you want deck stairs that are both beautiful and constructed to the highest standards, Custom Decks is the proven company.

Attractive Options For Deck Stairs

  • Single inclined staircase
  • Staircase with landings
  • Spiral staircase
  • Curved Stairs

Spiral staircases are often a great choice if you have a smaller, tighter footprint for your deck. Highlights of our spiral deck stairs:

  • Available in powder-coated aluminum or galvanized steel for superior protection against the elements.
  • Low-maintenance options that will never need to be painted.
  • Suited to your personal taste, with a wide range of beautiful colors to choose from.

Check Out Some Of These Stunningly Attractive Staircases We’ve Built

For Us, Building Stairs To Just Meet Code Is Not Enough

Deck stairs need to do more than look good. They need to be built to be as strong and safe as possible.

We consider code requirements to be minimum standards, and Custom Decks does not believe in just meeting the bare minimum in anything we do. Our stairs are built to make the “impact zone” of each step as durable and strong as possible. Here’s some other things we do:

  • When a deck is highly elevated, we’ll make sure to recommend a landing (or multiple landings). This helps avoid longer falls down too many steps breaking longer runs of stairs into sections will also get rid of any potential bounce.
  • The deck stairs we build are always fully enclosed on the sides and back. Many companies will leave the back and sides open. Not only does our method give you a more finished look, it also adds to the stability and durability of the stairs.
  • We use 5 stringers for our stairs (stringers are the support underneath each board that forms a step). While some other deck companies will do this, it is more typical to use 3. Since the impact of stepping down has more force than on a flat surface, 5 stringers is the right way to go.

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