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A Deck Is Only As Good As What You
Put Underneath It

That’s Why We Build Your Deck Framing With The Best Materials And To The Absolute Highest Standards

A lot of homeowners focus only on the part of the deck they can see. But A LOT of the durability of a deck has to do with the frame it’s built on.

Custom Decks is one of the only deck companies that will give you a real labor warranty, and we can do that because we build our decks on frames that are meticulously constructed using the best materials.

What We Do That’s Better

Of course, anybody can say they build things better, but can they back it up? We can. Here’s just some of the specific things we do that most deck companies don’t:

  • The joists are what support your deck underneath. For a deck to meet code, joists must be 16 inches on center. Not good enough for us – we place them 12 inches on center for better stability.
  • We also put a border around the edge of our decks, and we support this with perimeter blocking. This tightens the overall structure of our decks and looks fantastic.
  • We always use pressure treated lumber on every deck we build, even when it’s not required by code. This insures a longer life for your deck without extra expense.

The pressure treated lumber we use for frames is kiln dried (also known as KDAT). This is really important because it means the natural moisture in the wood has already been dried out evenly before we use it for your deck. Lumber that is NOT kiln dried is more likely to shrink and warp as it dries out. That’s not good if it is already installed.

You don’t need to settle for deck companies that take shortcuts. Reach out to Custom Decks – we build deck frames to the absolute highest standards. 

Here’s An Optional Upgrade For Your Deck Frame That Comes With A Superb 25-Year Warranty

Trex is the best name in decking materials, but many people only know them for their beautiful composite deck boards. But they also have a steel deck framing system that stands up to the toughest of climates and is also resistant to rot and termite infestation.

The Trex Elevations system gives you the strength of steel underneath your deck, and is also non-combustible, earning it a Class 1A fire rating. Not only is it safe and durable, it requires less posts underneath your deck because of the ability of steel to provide span strength.

This option is so strong and durable that it comes with a 25-year warranty from Trex.

Who Is Custom Decks?

We’re the award-winning deck company that’s been in business for more than a quarter century. The Better Business Bureau gives us their top rating of A+, and we have pro designers and top project managers on staff. We always do what we promise – go to the Keeping Our Word page to learn more.

You can also visit our About Us page and learn about all the things we do better than average deck companies.

Custom Decks = The Best Deck Company Serving 4 Metro Areas:

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