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Our Attention To Detail During Deck
Construction Is Unparalleled

Others Decking Contractors Can’t Match Our Meticulous Methods – And It Really Shows In Our Results!

Not all deck companies have the same standards when it comes to construction quality.

Some have very mediocre quality standards because they are using temporary laborers who tomorrow will be working on a different home improvement project for a different company. 

But even the companies with slightly higher standards often fall short of what homeowners deserve: a deck or outdoor living space that meets the highest possible construction quality standards.

At Custom Decks, we’re committed to being the best:

  • We’ve built the best-quality team by paying and treating them better. Best-quality installers = best-quality decks.
  • We use techniques and methods that go above and beyond “standard practice.” (Keep reading below for specific examples.)

We’re just plain committed to doing things the right way. (Read more about this on our Keeping Our Word page and our Core Values page.)

Proof That We Build It Better

Custom Decks has been in business for 25+ years. In that time, it’s been interesting to see some deck companies starting to catch up to our construction quality standards (a few anyway!). They aren’t there yet – we still have the highest standards – but we consider it validation that we’ve been doing things the right way all along.

Here are a few examples of our higher construction standards:

  • Most decks are installed with floorboards running at a 90-degree angle in relation to your home. This is okay but not the best. We lay our boards at a 45-degree angle, which greatly reduces or even eliminates “racking.” (Racking is where a deck shakes a bit when you walk on it or shift your weight on it.)
  • The joists are what supports your deck underneath. For a deck to meet code, joists must be 16 inches on center. Not good enough for us – we place them 12 inches on center for better stability.
  • We also put a border around the edge of our decks, and we support this with perimeter blocking. This tightens the overall structure of our decks and looks fantastic.
  • We always use pressure treated lumber on every deck we build, even when it’s not required by code. This insures a longer life for your deck without extra expense.

Will other companies do all of the above? Some will, but usually they make it an additional charge. We don’t think it should be a premium charge to build a deck the right way. All of the above comes standard with every deck we build.

Our 10-Year Labor Warranty Vs. The Typical “Taillight Warranty”

We’re absolute sticklers for quality construction standards for two reasons:

  • Our integrity as a company is very important to us. We always do what we say we’re going to do. We just sleep better knowing we do things the right way.
  • It’s also good business. We give you a 10-Year Labor Warranty on all our decks. If we didn’t do it right the first time, we would drown in service and repair calls. We overbuild it to make sure it will stand the test of time.

Most deck and outdoor living companies offer a “taillight labor warranty” – it lasts as long as you can see the taillight of your contractor as they pull away from your home! 

Even the companies that do give you a labor warranty typically keep it very short – as in months or maybe a year. Compare them to Custom Decks and we think you’ll love our warranty protection.

If You Want It Done Right The First Time, Reach Out To Us

For construction quality, Custom Decks is THE best choice. And we’ve been proving that for 25+ years.

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