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Quality Patio Covers Custom Built For Homes In The Bethany, OR Area

With all the rain that we receive here in Bethany, Oregon, spending time relaxing on your porch can be a challenge. If you’d like to enjoy your outdoor space even when it is raining, consider having your patio covered by Custom Decks. Homeowners seek us out for our patio covers because we build them from scratch to meet the home’s unique needs.

Other contractors will simply throw up a roof and call it a day, but when you partner with us, we’ll take the time to learn exactly what you need out of a cover, and then we’ll build it with perfection.

How Can We Customize Your Patio Roof?

Your design all starts with what size patio roof you need. Because we build our patio covers to meet each of our customers’ unique needs, no size is too small or big, whether you have a small porch or a wraparound deck.

Next, you can choose from composite or steel materials, both of which will hold up to our rainy climate for years on end. If you prefer a traditional look, we can also build a wooden cover.

There are many color profiles available to give your patio cover the look you want when it comes to appearance. And we can include a variety of accessories, such as ceiling fans, lighting, media equipment, and more, to enhance your outdoor space.

Expert Installations Backed By Our Iron-Clad 10-Year Warranty

At Custom Decks, we’ve been building patio covers since our founding in 1996. As such, you can trust that we have the experience and skill to build your cover perfectly and in a timely manner. For your peace of mind, we’ll include a 10-year labor warranty.

To learn more about our patio covers and how we can design and build one for your home in Bethany, OR, or a nearby community, contact the experts at Custom Decks today.

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