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Beautiful Standard And Motorized
Pergolas Installed In The Denver, CO Area

Pergolas are a wonderful way to add living space to your Denver, CO home without the expense and mess of remodeling. They are versatile enough to make them an appealing accent that will blend with any type of architecture.

They can be either freestanding or attached to a home as an attractive patio cover. Many people use these versatile structures to create a dining area in an empty backyard or to provide a romantic seating area in a quiet garden.

Your Options Are Virtually Endless

In addition to installing basic pergolas, homeowners have many available options to make them more functional. Motorized pergolas can open and close with the touch of a button. Standard pergolas can be left open, or fabric shades can be added to help filter more sunlight.

Curtains can be added that will increase the decorative look as well as offer some privacy. Many people choose to grow greenery and vines around the posts for an appealing and romantic look.

Turn Your Pergola Into Your Favorite Entertainment Space

Some pergola designs include media equipment, fans, and lighting so the space can truly feel like an extension of the home’s interior. Retractable canopies make it possible to protect the area from UV rays when in place and can be used to cool the pergola too.

Clear polycarbonate panels are another option to consider. They provide some protection from the occasional rainstorm without blocking out the natural light.

Flexibility And Function Wherever You Need It To Be

Pergolas provide just enough shade to make seating areas cooler and more enjoyable, but their open design allows plenty of natural lighting. They can be used to create an outdoor entertaining area that is as comfortable as relaxing inside but does not block out the beauty of nature.

Because they can be built anywhere in the yard, homeowners are not restricted to where their entertaining areas must be located. Pergolas can be built beside a pool, near a favorite grove of trees, or overlooking a beautiful garden.

Pergolas offer a greater level of design and style for less cost than most porches and patio covers. Our pergolas are made with materials made to last in nearly any type of weather without the risk of termite damage. They require little maintenance and are made to last for decades.

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