Composite Decking Renton

Weatherproof Composite Decking Installed For Renton, WA Homeowners

When it comes to outdoor living in the Renton, Washington area, you need to consider the heavy rainfall that we experience throughout the year. If you’re thinking about having a deck installed onto your home, composite decking is the only material that can withstand the elements for decades. As the #1 installer of Trex composite decks, our experience working with this remarkable product can’t be matched.

A New Deck You Can Enjoy For Decades

The composite decking that we install consists of 95 percent recycled materials encased in a protective shell. It is formulated to look as good as new year after year with minimal maintenance. Trex decking is impervious to harsh weather and won’t warp, rot, peel, or splinter. More than that, it is resistant to most decking problems such as:

  • Insect activity
  • Fading
  • Staining
  • Mold
  • Mildew

All you will ever have to do is wash your deck with some soapy water and a soft brush once or twice a year.

Our faith in this product and its manufacturer’s faith in our methods combine to offer you a 10-year Labor Warranty and a 25-year Warranty on the material. No other combination of material and custom deck installer can come close to providing you with such peace of mind.

A Deck Contractor You Can Trust

Our team at Custom Decks has earned numerous accolades since our founding in 1996, including multiple National Awards for the beauty of our Custom Composite Decks. One of the reasons we’re so highly regarded in the industry is our approach to deck building.

When you partner with us, we’ll design a new deck to reflect all your wants and needs, ranging from your preferred size to your choice of add-ons, such as a motorized pergola or fire pit. We exist to make your dream outdoor living space a reality that you can enjoy for decades to come.

If you are interested in creating your own outdoor paradise for your Renton, WA area home, contact Custom Decks today. We can’t wait to start helping you realize your dreams.

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